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Depositing Crypto in Delta for Indian Users - May 2022

How to deposit funds to Delta Exchange via ZebPay.
  • To deposit funds on Delta Exchange via ZebPay, you need to first make an account on ZebPay and deposit INR.
  • Buy USDT/XRP/BTC/SOL/ETH there and transfer it to your Delta account.
Steps to deposit INR to ZebPay: You can deposit INR into your ZebPay account using the below 2 deposit options: 1- IMPS, RTGS 2- NEFT *DISCLAIMER* Do not use UPI for this deposit. Please transfer using only your banking app NEFT, RTGS or IMPS. UPI deposits will fail and will be refunded within 3-weeks. ZebPay will not be responsible for loss of funds sent via UPI. Steps
  1. Tap on “Deposit” on your ZebPay home screen, and then tap on "Bank Transfer" .
  1. Please make all deposits from your ZebPay registered bank account only. The beneficiary account is unique to you and is not to be shared with anyone else. You can find this in the app itself. You need to add the beneficiary account to your own bank app as a beneficiary. This is a one-time process only.
  1. Open and log in to your bank application. Tap Fund Transfer.
  1. Tap on “Add payee”.
  1. Enter the details shown in your ZebPay app as a payee/beneficiary in your bank app. Make sure to enter your account number and IFSC Code correctly. Tap Proceed.
  1. Confirm your account details.
  1. You will receive an OTP message. Enter the OTP code.
  1. You will now see "Awlencan Innovations India Limited" as a payee in your bank app. Select it to send funds to your ZebPay account.
  2. Enter the amount to transfer. Only deposit via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS as the transfer type. Proceed to make the payment.
  1. Once the payment is successful, the amount will reflect in your ZebPay account within 4 hours and will become available for trading. Currently, deposits are only processed between 10 am to 7 pm.

How to send funds from ZebPay to your Delta.Exchange Account. 1. Go to deposits page of your KYC’ed Delta Exchange account. 2. Select the coin you want to deposit. Make sure that the coin selected is same in both ZebPay and Delta.Exchange 3. Select the network you are sending the funds from and make sure that the network selected is same in both ZebPay and Delta.Exchange 4. Copy the address as shown in the screenshot or from the QR code.5. Go to your Zebpay account and click on send 6. Click on add new address 7. Paste your Delta Address in the field marked in the screenshot and fill all other relevant details. In case of XRP make sure you have added both address and Memo that you are seeing on your deposit address. 8. After saving the address, select the address to send funds to9. Add the quantity (how much you want to transfer) and send the funds to your delta account.
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