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Margin requirement for MOVE contracts

The Margin Requirements for MOVE Contracts are fairly straightforward:  Losses for LONGS can never exceed the option premium paid. Because of this, Longs can never get liquidated, and there are no margin requirements on the contract. Losses for SHORTS are theoretically unlimited (if the price was t...

When should you trade MOVE options?

The price and value of a MOVE contract reflect expectations about the volatility of the asset. For example, if you believe that the price of the underlying asset – Bitcoin or Ethereum –  will go either up or down, you can long the contract.  On the contrary, if you believe that the und...

Types of MOVE contracts

Delta Exchange offers access to two types of MOVE contracts. Both types – Daily and Weekly – are available for Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing you to comprehensively trade the daily and weekly volatility of both assets. Daily MOVE contracts Daily MOVE contracts track the movement of the u...

Key terms for MOVE contracts

There are a number of key terms that are associated with MOVE contracts that traders should be aware of prior to trading.    Strike Price The Strike Price is the starting price of the contract, measured as the 30 minute TWAP of the underlying asset – Bitcoin or Ethereum.    Settlem...

How is the profit/ loss for MOVE contracts calculated?

To calculate your profit or loss on a MOVE contract, compute your ‘pay-off’ minus your ‘premium’.  The Profit/Loss of a MOVE position can be calculated as follows:  Profit/ Loss = Pay−off +/− Premium For longs Pay−off = Num_of_contracts ∗ Mark Price Profit / Loss = − Premium + (N...

How to trade MOVE contracts?

To trade a MOVE contract on Delta Exchange, follow the instructions below:  Log onto Delta Exchange. MOVE contracts are margined and settled in USDT. Convert your BTC to USDT if necessary.  Navigate to MOVE Markets.  Pick your preferred product: BTC [Daily expiration] BTC [Weekly expiration] ETH ...