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Total Fee$0
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Fee calculation examples

Trade : BUY 1000 contract of BTCUSDT Perpetual as Maker

Trade Price$100.25
Order Notional Size
1000 x 0.001 x $25000 = $25000

no. of contracts x lot size x price of BTC

Actual Trading Fee$10
Trading Fee$25000 X 0.04% = $10
CategoryTaker FeesMaker FeesSettlement FeesLiquidation Factor
Inverse Futures0.06%0.04%0.06%0.2
USDT Linear Futures0.06%0.04%0.06%0.2
ALT-BTC Futures0.1%0.1%0.1%0.2
MOVE & Spreads0.0375%0.0375%0.0375%0.5
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    A negative fee implies that the trader would receive a rebate.
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    Settlement fee applies to all open contracts at the time of settlement.
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    The trading fees for all contracts are charged on the notional size of the position.
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    Trading fees for options, MOVE and spread contracts are capped at 12.5% of premium to prevent high fees on trades involving deep out of the money options
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    For positions in liquidation that Delta Exchange is able to close at a price that is better than the bankruptcy price, from the remaining margin, Maintenance Margin times Liquidation factor is added to the Insurance Fund. After this, any leftover position margin is returned to the trader.