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VIP Program - Get up to 50% Fee Rebate

Delta Exchange - VIP Program

V.I.P Program - Get up to 50% Fee Rebate

We're stoked to announce our V.I.P Program to reward traders driving higher daily volumes. Become a VIP trader with us and enjoy up to 50% lower fee.

Details of the V.I.P Program

Tier Level Average Daily Volume Fee Rebate
Level 2 $2.5 Million 50%
Level 1 $0.5 Million 35%

Offer Terms:

  • Your trading volume across all the contracts listed on Delta will be measured over a week (from 00:01 UTC Sunday through to 23:59:59 UTC on the following Saturday) to compute the average daily volume. This average daily volume will determine your tier level for the week.
  • Rebates will be calculated on the Net fees paid and not Gross fees paid. Net fees is the net outgo from your account for trading fees (taker fees, adjusted for maker rebates and any other discounts) in a given week. For example, if your average daily volume for a week is $3mn and your net fees over the week is $2000, you would be eligible to get 50% of $2000, i.e. $1000 as fee rebate.
  • Fee rebates will be processed asCashbackswhich will be credited to your account on a weekly basis.
  • Cashbacks will be given in the same currency as fees paid and will start to reflect in your respective wallets. You will also see entries for Cashback in your transaction logs.
  • If your account fails to meet the average daily volume requirement for even Level 1 for four consecutive weeks, your account will be removed from the V.I.P. Program.
  • Accounts that are using a referral code will only get 10% rebate on the fee paid by them for clearing Level 1 and 25% on clearing Level 2.
  • Accounts that are part of the V.I.P. Program may not be eligible to participate in other promotional or discount schemes that we run from time to time.
  • Delta Exchange reserves the right to change this program anytime. We will endeavour to inform the participating traders well in advance of upcoming changes in the Program.
  • In case of any disputes, Delta Exchange’s interpretation of the rules of the Program will be final and binding.
  • Delta Exchange reserves the right to debar any customer from being a part of the VIP program.

How to apply

To become a VIP customer, please send an email to [email protected] from your Delta registered email with the subject "VIP Program". We will verify & register your request for becoming a V.I.P customer within 2 working days.

Need more information?

Should you have any queries or need clarifications, please don't hesitate to write us at [email protected].
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