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Sub Accounts: How do they work?

Sub-accounts are a powerful feature that enable to you to trade through multiple accounts. Sub-accounts are separate from your "Main" account. Each sub-account on Delta Exchange has independent balances, margin and positions and can trade independently. This make sub-accounts helpful in isolating positions, margin or access. Sub-accounts can be used by a single trader to run multiple strategies independently or by a firm with multiple traders, with each trader having its own sub-account.

Sub-account Features

  • Sub-accounts can be created with or without their own email
    • Sub-accounts with their own email can be accessed like any other account
    • Sub-accounts without their own email can be accessed through the Main account or through the sub-account API keys
  • Each sub-account is independent, in the sense that it has its own balances, deposit addresses, whitelisted withdrawal addresses, API keys and security settings
  • Sub-accounts inherit the Verification and VIP levels of the Main account
  • Transfers of balances between sub-accounts are instantaneous and free of charge
  • Portfolio margin can be enabled only on a single coin per account/ sub-account. By leveraging the sub-accounts feature, portfolio margined positions can be run on multiple coins
  • The Main account holder has full administrative control over the sub-account. They can enable/ disable 2FA and withdrawals
Note: Sub accounts cannot claim offers or have trading credits

How to create sub-accounts

  1. Requirements for Sub account creation
    • The main account holder should have completed the highest level of verification relevant for their country of residence
    • The main account should have 2 FA enabled
  2. Steps for Sub account creation
    • The main account holder can create sub accounts through the sub-accounts page
    • On the sub-accounts page click on the "Create Sub Account button"
  3. Steps for Sub account creation
    • The main account holder can create sub accounts through the sub-accounts page
    • On the sub-accounts page click on the "Create Sub Account button"

    • A pop up will open and would ask for inputs on the account name

    • You can click on the check box "Use separate email ID and password". By adding a separate email ID, you will be able to login through that same and trade on the sub - account. However, main account will always have the option to disable login through this email ID.

How to manage sub-accounts

  1. Transferring equity across sub accounts
    • You can transfer equity between sub-accounts/ main account through the sub-accounts page by clicking on the "Transfer Equity button"

    • In the opened pop-up Select the account you want to transfer from and to and add the amount you want to transfer and proceed

  2. Editing account settings
    • Two settings for sub accounts can be edited by clicking on the "edit" icon under "Action column" in the sub account table:

    • Enable or disable the option to login through another email ID. This option is only valid for accounts for which a separate email ID has been added
    • Enable or disable withdrawals from sub-accounts


  • How many sub-accounts can I create per Main account?

    You can create 2 sub-accounts per Main account.

  • Can I delete a sub-account?

    No, as of now, we do not have this functionality.

  • Why can't I transfer all my Main account balance to a sub-account?

    Trading credits cannot be transferred to a sub-account. Any amount that is blocked on account of trading credits given to you can't be transferred either. Only the amount that can be withdrawn to an external address can be transferred to a sub-account.

  • Are there any restrictions on transfers between sub-accounts?

    We restrict withdrawals from any account for 24 hours after password reset or 2FA enablement/ disablement. This restriction is also applicable to transfers.

  • Can I take opposing trade positions on different sub accounts?


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