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Master of Options - Get $1000 to Trade Options on Delta

Master of Options

Master of Options

Scope of engagement:
  • Trade any of the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Options variations across the available underlying assets.
  • Share at least 3 detailed tweet threads per week, covering your trades, charts, PNL cards and your trading approach.
  • Share your tweets/trades in Delta's Telegram group and across your Telegram/Discord groups & channels (if you've any).
Scope of contracts to trade:
  • MOVE Options.
  • Call and Put Options.
  • Turbo Options.
  • $1000 in trading credits will be given to each trader to trade Options.
  • Any profits that you make will be withdrawable at the end of each month.
  • If you make losses, your account will be taken over and any positions might be closed. We will be monitoring all accounts.
  • Traders who we believe are doing well will stand a chance to get higher trading credit.

Only 5 Options Traders will be selected for this campaign. If you like to be considered, please apply using this form.
Terms & Qualification Criteria:
  • An experienced Options trader (best if you can prove some of your trades).
  • Minimum 1000 Twitter followers.
  • This is not a competition to be won; rather it's more of a journaling activity wherein you're expected to take informed trades and showcase your trading approach through your tweet threads along with proper charting, analysis and PNL cards.
  • If you trade carelessly, the credited amount will be rolled back and engagement will be terminated immediately.
  • You're only allowed to trade Options contracts. Trading any other contracts will lead to immediate termination of the engagement.
  • Delta Exchange reserves the right to change the terms of the campaign or discontinue the campaign for any or all user(s) at any time due to risk of fraud or any other factor that it deems relevant. In case of any dispute the decision of Delta Exchange shall be final and binding.
Referral Rewards:
  • If you refer us to an Options Trader who ends up getting selected for this campaign; you'll get $100 in referral reward.
  • Simply suggesting names won't cut; you'll have to introduce them to us.

If you have any queries or need clarifications, please reach out to us at [email protected] or on our Telegram Group.
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