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March 12, 2020

Security 101: How to keep your account secure on Delta Exchange

Pooja ShahAnalyst

At Delta Exchange, we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously. We have implemented enterprise-grade security protocols to keep both user data and crypto in our custody safe. At the same time, we also need your help to ensure nothing untoward happens to your Delta account. Given the prevalence of phishing and other types of malicious attacks to steal cryptocurrencies, you need to adopt at least a few best practices to keep your account safe. These best practices are not unique to your Delta account and you should aim to follow them for your accounts on other crypto exchanges as well.

Basic Security Practices for your Account

  • Unique Login Credentials

Unique Email ID

If you sign up using a common email address on multiple websites, chances are one of the websites has sold your data. Moreover, companies’ databases get hacked and millions of email addresses end up in the public domain. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to the email associated with your Delta Exchange Account, create unique new email id that is exclusive just for your Delta Account.

While creating new email id, it is advisable to not use the email id predicted by the software and create an id which is difficult to guess.  You should also use a unique password for your email account. Some email service providers also offer additional security measures like 2-factor authentication as well.

Unique Password

It is quite important to have different passwords for different accounts. This is especially critical in the domain of cryptocurrency trading. Please do not make the mistake of having the same password across multiple exchanges, as password leak from one exchange can make all your other trading accounts vulnerable to hackers.

Managing different passwords for different platforms can be challenging. Nobody can remember a lot of unique passwords that are difficult to guess.  You can consider using reputed password management services provided by multiple softwares on the web. Password managers like 1Password, Keepassx will help solve the purpose.

Two Factor Authentications (2FA)

2FA is an efficient way to secure your accounts and digital assets. It adds an additional layer of protection to all your online platforms. 2FA is used in combination with your password in the form of an SMS, an email or fingerprint. The 2FA code changes with every login and is never static making the additional layer protected. While 2FA is not compulsory on Delta, we highly recommend it.

2FA requires access to something that only the user has on. This is a combination of:

  1. something you know – password, pin, security question
  2. something you have – phone, active email ID, credit card, fob
  3. or something you are – fingerprint, voice, face, retina display

They can all be mixed and matched to be used together in a way that suits the users’ purpose.

Delta Exchange provides 2FA facility through Google Authenticator. This is a free app that’s available for both Android and iOS.  Adding the extra 2FA layer ensures users need to verify the login in process in two steps which makes it tougher for hackers to get hold of your account details.

The following steps are how a user can activate the 2FA on Delta Exchange:

Delta Exchange > Trade > My Account > Security > Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Follow the video to know more:


Beware of scammers

Do not disclose your credentials to anyone no matter how trustworthy they might sound. Please note that Delta Exchange staff will never ask for any sensitive information (e.g. account credentials, 2FA code) from their users. People can pretend to be from delta and message you on telegram or other social media channels. Beware of such situations.

Whenever in doubt, please reach us out at [email protected]. In case, you wish to get in touch with us on our Telegram group ensure you are conversing with the admin only.

These few steps do not require too much effort or time, but once they are in play, an account is kept secured and protected. A few minutes of effort can save your funds, profits and vital information.


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