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delta exchange wazirx staking

Stake WRX Tokens on Delta

  • Earn 20% per annum Staking Yield! 

How to Stake WRX Tokens

We are launching WRX staking on Delta Exchange. Now, get rewarded for hodling WRX and earn up to 20% per annum staking yield on your unlocked WRX.

The product works like a 2 week day fixed deposit on WRX tokens and rolls over to the next 2 weeks automatically unless closed by you or by Delta Exchange. This  staking yield will be paid in WRX token only.

In order to earn interest on your WRX tokens please follow the steps as listed below:

  1. Create an account on Delta Exchange.
  2. From your registered email address send an email to [email protected] expressing your interest and mentioning the amount of unlocked WRX tokens that you’d like to pledge.
  3. Our team will respond to your email with a confirmation and will provide you with an address for you to deposit your unlocked WRX tokens.
  4. Once you have sent WRX tokens to the above address please send us the transaction id (TXID) of the deposit that you have made.
  5. Our team will confirm your deposit and you will start earning staking yield from the next day at a rate of 20% per annum* for the pledged amount.
  6. 20% yield is available till 500K WRX are staked. Post this threshold, rate will be market driven.
  7. The WRX tokens pledged by you shall remain locked with us for 2 weeks (14 days) and cannot be withdrawn in between.
  8. If you wish to withdraw your tokens, fully or partially, please send us a request at least 2 days prior to the rollover (completion of 2 weeks). Your deposit shall not rollover further and your pledged tokens and the staking reward earned will be returned to an address that you provide.
  9. Once 2 weeks are complete, the deposit will automatically rollover for the next 2 weeks and will start to earn staking yield again unless you have requested a withdrawal as mentioned in point #7 above or Delta Exchange decides to discontinue your loan as mentioned in point #9 below.
  10. Delta Exchange reserves the right to revise the staking yield being offered. Any change in the staking yield will be communicated via email and on social media handles of Delta Exchange. Please note that any changes in yield will only become effective when a deposit is being rolled over.
  11. Delta Exchange can decide to discontinue your loan, in which case we will notify you via email prior to the next rollover. Your pledged tokens and staking reward earned will be returned to an address that you provide.
  12. Staking Reward Calculation:Total Staking Yield (in number of WRX tokens) = 20%*(Number of days amount is pledged for/365)*(number of WRX tokens pledged by you).


*Please note that this rate is subject to change and will be confirmed by our team before you pledge your WRX tokens. Agreed rate will stay the same for the period of 2 weeks.

At Delta Exchange we are amidst launching a full suite of staking, lending and borrowing markets. This facility will soon be available directly on our platform.

We are glad to kick-start this program to WRX token!

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