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Does Delta Exchange have an iOS or Android App?

Currently, no. Delta Exchange does not have a native iOS or Android App. We do however offer a Progressive Web App (PWA). What is a PWA? A Progressive Web App is a web app that uses modern capabilities of a browser to deliver a native app-like experience to users. It combines the best qualities of a...

How does the trading fees payback program work?

In this program, we return 50% of the trading fees paid by you back in the form of Fee Credits. These Fee Credits can then be utilised to enjoy commission-free trading.               How it works Everyday at 12am UTC, we compute the net trading fees paid by you in ...

How do I tell if the email is from Delta Exchange or a phishing email?

Take special note of the email address of the sender. Emails from Delta Exchange will always end with and no other addresses. Further, Delta Exchange staff will never ask you for any of your password(s) and/or 2FA code. Should you be in doubt about the authenticity of the email, pleas...

Is Delta Exchange regulated?

We are self-regulated. We take pride in being a fair and transparent trading venue and have strict policies and mechanisms in place to counter market manipulations, wash trading and money laundering....

Does Delta Exchange have an insurance fund?

While an insurance fund is in the works, currently we don’t have one. In case we are unable to liquidate a position before its bankruptcy price is breached, the position is closed via auto-deleveraging. ...

What are Delta Exchange’s KYC requirements?

In most cases, you only need a verified email address to be able to start trading on Delta Exchange. However, in certain cases, you may need to complete our KYC (know your customer requirements). Such cases include: Large withdrawals ( > 2 BTC per day) Cumulative deposits into an account exceed 5...

Is the first deposit bonus withdrawable?

The first deposit bonus becomes withdrawable only after the trading fees paid by you exceeds the first deposit bonus that you had received. If you make a withdrawal before this condition is met, you will forfeit the deposit bonus. The maximum amount that you can withdraw without forfeiting the depos...

How can I contact customer support of Delta Exchange?

Delta Exchange customer support is available 24/7/365 via email. Please write to us at: [email protected]