OTC Trading - Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange operates an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk that facilitates trading in large quantities in futures and perpetual contracts on cryptocurrencies. We can provide OTC liquidity in derivatives over all those coins that have futures or perpetual contracts listed on Delta Exchange. For coins that do not have futures or perpetual contracts listed on Delta Exchange, we may be able to support OTC trades in certain cases.

Who should use Delta OTC

OTC trading is relevant to those traders that are looking to trade in size while avoiding/ minimizing market impact costs. Delta OTC can add value to:

  • Crypto funds & other institutional investors
  • Miners
  • Professional individual traders

How to activate OTC trading on Delta

  • Register on Delta Exchange
  • Write to Support ([email protected]) indicating your interest in OTC trading
  • Complete the KYC requirements as provided by Delta Support Team
  • Provide a list of authorized traders for your account
  • Join your dedicated chat room to start OTC trading

How OTC trading on Delta works

  • All trades must be pre-funded.
  • Trading discussions happen in your dedicated chat room. A trade can be confirmed fairly quickly from the time you reach out to us for a price. In certain situations, we might need time to find a counterparty for your trade. A confirmed trade is settled instantaneously.
  • Perpetual contract: For OTC trading, funding is paid by the party that demands liquidity to the party that provides liquidity. Funding rate is negotiated up front but is subject to change in case of significant changes in market liquidity and sharp price moves (+/-20%) in the underlying. If the new funding rate required by the liquidity provider is not acceptable to the liquidity consumer, the trade will have to be closed.
  • The mark to market value will of open positions will be available on Delta Exchange trading platform, through OTC contract listed on the platforms. Please note that it is not possible to trade OTC contracts directly.
  • Margin call: Delta OTC desk will on a best effort basis provide alerts on positions that are in the risk of going into liquidation. The responsibility that a position is sufficiently collateralized at all times lies with the trader.

Have more questions?

Please write to us at [email protected]