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Interest Bearing Account

 Any unutilized balance in Delta Exchange starts earning interest automatically  
Current Interest Rate
0 - 0.1 BTC
0.1 - 1 BTC
1 - 5 BTC
5 - 10 BTC
> 10 BTC
Annual Rate
How it works

Deposit BTC to your Delta wallet, keep balances in BTC, USDT or USDC.

Opt in

Enable ‘Earn Interest’ functionality.

Earn Interest

Start earning interest on your unutilized balances automatically.

How to Opt in
Go to My Account > Preferences
Check ‘Earn Interest on Balances' option
Accept Terms & Conditions and save changes
Thats it ! Your un-utilized balances will start earning interest now.
How is Delta Exchange able to pay interest on wallet balances?
Unutilized funds of users that opt in the interest earning program will be deployed in yield generation activities. These include lending these balances to empanelled market markers on Delta among other things.
Once I opt in, will all my balances earn interest?
As of now, only your BTC ‘Available Balance’ will earn interest. ‘Available Balance’ is equal to your Wallet Balance minus margin blocked in open positions and orders. Moreover, We plan to enable interest on USDT balances in the near future.
Can I use my funds for trading while simultaneously earning interest on them?
Part of your funds that are being used as margin for open positions and open orders do not earn interest. The remainder of your funds do. So, you can continue trading normally, while earning interest on any unutilized balances automatically.
Do I need to lock my funds to be able to earn interest?
There is no requirement to lock funds to earn interest. Once you opt in, your unutilized funds will earn interest automatically. You are free to trade or withdraw your funds at any time.
Can the interest rates currently being offered change?
Yes. Delta Exchange reserves the right to change the interest rates being offered at any time, without any prior notice. Eventually, interest rates will be driven by supply-demand dynamics.