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LTC Perpetual on Delta Exchange

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was created by forking Bitcoin in Oct 2011. The key differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin were: (a)  a decreased block generation time (2.5 minutes), (b) increased maximum number of coins, (c) use of scrypto as hashing algorithm instead of SHA-256, and (d) a slightly modified GUI.

The details of LTC futures contracts listed on Delta Exchange are provided below.  We have included the current price, daily traded volume and the change in last 24 hours in the details of the futures contract. You can see the complete order book on LTC contracts listed on Delta Exchange here.

LTC futures currently available:

Contract Symbol Last Price 24 hr Change 24 hr Volumes

Margin currency
Margin currency is the currency in which the margin for a futures contract is allowed. The margin currency for LTCUSDQ contract is USDC

Underlying for LTC Contracts on Delta Exchange
The underlying for LTC futures contract on Delta Exchange is Avg of LTC/USD price on Bitstamp and Kraken

How are LTC contracts quoted on Delta Exchange?
LTC Futures contracts LTCUSDQ are quoted in USD

Max Leverage Allowed for LTC futures:
The maintenance margin for LTC contracts is 5%. The max leverage for these contracts is 20x.

Initial margin (minimum amount needed to open a fresh position) that a trader is required to post when entering a long or short position in LTC decides the max-leverage for the contract. For example, a contract with 2.5% initial margin will offer upto 40x leverage and vice versa. If max-leverage is 25x then the trader will have to post an initial margin of 4%.

The maker and taker fee for LTCUSDQ futures is:
Maker Fee: -0.0005
Taker Fee: 0.0025

More information about futures trading is available in reference section here.