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Deposit and Bonuses
Net Deposit ( in USDT ) Deposit Percentage Bonus Rewards
Net Deposit
( in USDT )
>10010%Upto $500
>500012%Upto $1200
>1000025%Upto $2500
Top Liquidity. Low Fees
24h Trading Volume
Maker Fees
Taker Fees
Products for all your trading needs
Perpetual swaps
BTC, ETH and
70+ Coin
Perp-Future spreads
Futures-Futures spreads
Trade via bots
7+ strategies
DETO (Delta Exchange Token) - Trader Rewards
Earn DETO by Trading
100,000,000 DETO
Annual DETO Rewards
Pay Fees in DETO
MSP $0.50
MSP - Minimum Support Price
Backed by the best in Crypto
Have a question about Delta Exchange?
Is the deposit bonus only applicable on USDT deposits?
Yes, deposit bonus will only be credited for first time USDT deposits. Converting from BTC to USDT in Delta won't be eligible for any deposit bonus.
What can the deposit bonus be used for?
The deposit bonus can be used as margin for trading any of the derivative contracts on Delta Exchange. Say, you have received $100 as deposit bonus. If you use 100x leverage, you can take a position of $100,000 with the deposit bonus.
Is the deposit bonus withdrawable?
While the deposit bonus is not instantly withdrawable, it can be withdrawn after you have met the satisfied the conditions for bonus withdrawal. These conditions are explained in detail in the bonus offer rules below.
Is Delta Exchange safe?
Delta Exchange has operating since August 2018. The team behind the exchange comprises of people who have previously worked with Wall Street firms like Citi and UBS and have started companies that were funded by top VCs viz. Sequoia and Softbank. The exchange has equally solid investors that include Aave, Kyber Network and CoinFund. The entire Delta Exchange team is committed to giving all our traders a safe and fair trading venue.
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Terms and Conditions
  • This offer is applicable for both New & Old users.
  • KYC is mandatory to avail this Offer.
  • Bonus amount is calculated based on the real-time exchange rate at the time of bonus distribution. For example, if you deposited 0.3 BTC and at the time of bonus distribution, if the BTC price is $35000 then bonus of $2500 will be credited to your account.
  • The maximum bonus of $2500 in USDT will be credited as per your deposit in BTC/ETH/USDT.
  • The Deposit Bonus can be claimed only once per user in USDT.
  • For users with existing balances, net asset deposits (total deposits minus total withdrawals) combined from the time of offer announcement will be considered for computing the applicable bonus amount. Therefore, if you withdraw your existing balances and deposit them again, you will not be eligible for the bonus.
  • There are withdrawal restrictions on Trading capital, i.e. your deposit including Bonus and realized profits (if any) - Withdrawal restrictions on the deposit bonus are lifted once we have recovered the bonus amount from your trading. 20% of the trading profits is used to payback the bonus.
  • For Deposits of $10,000 or more, blocked amount from withdrawal limit will be $25000 or (Deposit+Bonus) Amount, whichever is lesser.
  • For Deposits of $5000 up to $9999, Deposit Amount and Bonus claimed will be blocked amount from withdrawal limit.
  • You can make a withdrawal anytime by forfeiting the bonus.
  • No restriction on withdrawing the amount that you have deposited.
  • Deposit Bonus will be credited within 48 hours to your account only if you click 'Claim Now' on offers page after depositing your qualifying amount with us.
  • Duplicate accounts are not allowed.
  • If a user is discovered to have claimed bonuses from multiple accounts, all his bonuses will be forfeited.
  • Delta Exchange reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion or discontinue the promotion for any or all user(s) at any time due to risk of fraud or any other factor that it seems relevant. In case of any dispute the decision of Delta Exchange shall be final and binding.
  • This Offer is only valid From 11th June 2021 of 10:45 am UTC till 15th Aug 2021 23:59 pm UTC.
  • Offer Example:
    If you deposit $6000, you will get 12% OR $720 as bonus. So, $6000 + $720 (bonus) will be the blocked amount. As you keep paying the bonus back, the blocked amount will keep reducing. Let’s say you have paid back $50, your new blocked amount is $6000 + $670 = $6670. When you have completely paid the bonus back, your blocked amount is 0.