DETO Price
Circulating Supply
Market Cap
Private Sale Investors
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Key Token Metrics
Token Ticker
ERC - 20
Token Type
Exchange Token
Token Category
Token Supply
Initial Circulating Supply
Supply hard cap (after 4+ years)
Token Allocation
Reward Pool
Equity Holders
Private Sale
Employees & Advisors
At time when Supply = Hard Cap
Reward Pool
Equity Holders
Private Sale
Employees & Advisors
Token Release Schedule
Team & Advisors
Private Sale
Reward Pool
Equity Holders(Ex Founders)
Token Vesting Rules
CategoryUpfrontWait PeriodVesting Period
Private Sale Investors01-3 months6 months
Treasury20%1 month12 months
Advisors and Employees06 months6 months
Equity Holders (ex founders)012 months12 months
Founders012 months24 months
  • Upfront: % of tokens in a category unlocked at the time of token generation event (TGE)
  • Wait Period: Time, measured from TGE, before token unlocking begins
  • Vesting Period: The time over which tokens in a particular category unlock, Tokens are unlocked daily in a linear fashion
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I use DETO for?
As of now, you can use DETO for paying 25% of your trading fees. You will need to enable the 'Use DETO to pay trading fees' option in your account preferences. For more details on how this works, please have a look at this page. We are also in the process of rolling out other utilities for DETO. These include a DETO-USDT market making pool, use of DETO as collateral for opening derivatives positions on Delta Exchange and a DETO staking pool which will backstop our existing insurance fund.
Does any vesting apply to DETO earned through one of the incentive schemes?
Yes, DETO earned through liquidity mining, trade farming or referral mining vests linearly over 90 days. The way these mining/ farming incentive schemes are designed is that every day certain amount of DETO is given our as mining/ farming rewards. The DETO you earn today, will vest over the immediately following 90 days. It is also important to note that the vesting of DETO that you have earned will be suspended until you complete your KYC.
Can I buy DETO without completing my KYC?
No. Only verified users, i.e. those who have completed their KYC are allowed to buy DETO. Even if you earn DETO through liquidity/ referral mining or trade farming, you will need to complete your KYC before you can trade or withdraw it. Please go here to initiate your verification process. And, if you need help with the verification process, please have a look at this page.
Where can I see the details for smart contract for DETO?
DETO is an ERC20 token. You can see the details of the smart contract for DETO here.
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