Blockchain Engineer

Mumbai, Remote|Full time

What's the oppurtunity? 🤔

Opportunity to work on crypto projects in the DeFi space building applications in tokens, derivatives, staking solutions etc.

What will I be doing? 🚀

Full stack development in building out DeFi applications on Ethereum
Write gas optimized Solidity smart contracts
Focus on security of smart contracts by adopting best practices

What qualifications do I need? 🎓

You should have knowledge and preferably experience working with: (a) Ethereum (experience with other blockchains like EOS, hyperledger, solana would be a plus), (b) Solidity, (c) Truffle Framework, (d) OpenZeppelin Toolkit, (e) DeFi applications like Compound Finance, dydx, Uniswap and Understanding of Web3.js
Ability to understand research driven principles
Understanding of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work consensus algos
Ability to learn new public chains apart from Ethereum

Where will I be working? 🏢

Mumbai, Remote
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