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June 20, 2019

Upcoming contract discontinuations and new listings on 12th July

Jitender TokasChief Business Officer

Based on customer feedback and market activity, we plan to discontinue certain quanto perpetual contracts that are settled in USDC. Some of these contracts will be replaced by BTC-settled perpetual contracts.  Details below.

Contracts to be discontinued:

  • NEO Quanto Perpetual (NEOUSDQ)
  • XLM Quanto Perpetual (XLMUSDQ)
  • BCH Quanto Perpetual (BCHUSDQ)
  • BSV Quanto Perpetual (BSVUSDQ)
  • XMR Quanto Perpetual (XMRUSDQ)

Trading in the above listed contracts will be halted at 12pm UTC on 12th July 2019. We would advise you to exit your positions in these contracts before this time. Any positions open when trading halts will be closed at the 30-minute TWAP of respective spot index prices.

New contracts to be listed

The following contracts will be listed before 20th July 2019:

  • BSV-BTC Perpetual (quoted and settled in BTC)
  • XMR-BTC Perpetual (quoted and settled in BTC)

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