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Trading CompetitionsJune 25, 2018

The Results are in …

Jitender Tokas
Chief Business Officer
June 25, 2018
What's in this post?

    Our first trading competition ended this morning. The 3 days (22nd — 25th June) over which the competition ran turned out to be a fortuitous period that saw BTC price fall from $6683 to $5866 before recovering to $6146.

    This high volatility presented many trading opportunities on both long and short side. That, combined with our zero downside trading opportunity, led to some interesting developments:

    • We crossed 100 user registrations!
    • We had a trading volume of ~$5mn in our BTC-USD Futures!!
    • Judicious use of leverage shone through in the top 5 traders doubling their initial capital (of 0.5BTC)!!!

    Here’s how the leader board looked at the end of the competition:

    A big thanks to all our users who not only participated in the competition, but also gave us important feedback and suggestions. We value your inputs and will be incorporating them in our product over the coming days.

    This trading competition was a small but important milestone for us at Delta. This was the first time we had opened our platform to the public and it was exhilarating to see everything working smoothly. We are pumped and are making steady progress towards our next big milestone — a full launch!

    We have lot more updates in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

    Originally published here on our Medium blog.

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