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No Withdrawal Fees for DETO Holders

DETO holders can now avail ZERO withdrawal fees!

How to avail this? Simply hold a minimum balance of 25000 DETO in your Delta account, for more than 24hrs to be eligible for zero withdrawal fees. Applicable for all Delta wallets
  • Eligible users will avail zero withdrawal fees on all wallets, i.e. on all BTC & ERC-20 wallets.
  • You need to hold 25000 DETO tokens for more than 24 hours from the time of your withdrawal request. For example: You cannot buy DETO and shortly after raise your withdrawal request; you need to have held the 25000 DETO balance in your wallet for more than 24hours prior to raising your withdrawal request.
  • DETO holdings placed in a Sell Order won't be counted towards the 25000 DETO threshold, and you won't be eligible for free withdrawals.
  • These terms can be changed at any time at Delta's sole discretion.

If you've any questions regarding the contest; please feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram Group here.
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