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DETO M.S.P Revised to $1.00

DETO MSP revised to $1.00

DETO Minimum Support Price [M.S.P.] has been upwards revised to $1.00 from $0.50, for a limited time. Advantage to DETO holders: The current market price of DETO is $0.40; you're getting to pay your trading fees in DETO which will be accepted at $1.00 per DETO; thereby giving you 125% more realized value for your DETO! DETO can be used for paying fees for trades on Delta Exchange. Please note that this feature is available only to KYC verified users. If you have not yet completed your KYC, you can start the verification process here. How to pay fees in DETO: To activate paying trading fees in DETO; you'll simply need to go to "My Account" from the Menu icon and click on "Preferences" and then check the option "Pay trading fees in DETO" (marked in yellow below). DETO - minimum Support Price - MSP Important aspects to paying trading fees in DETO:
  1. The DETO that you pay as trading fees will be accepted at a price that is higher of the prevailing market price and the Minimum Support Price (MSP).
  2. Since MSP is dynamic, it's currently set to $1 for a limited period of time and will be changed in the future at Delta Exchange's sole discretion.
  3. For a given trade, only 25% of the trading fees is paid in DETO. The remaining 75% of the trading fees will be paid in the appropriate currency. For example, lets consider a trade which incurs a trading fees of USDT 10. If you have enabled the option of paying trading fees in DETO, you will pay 7.5 USDT and the 2.5 USDT in DETO.

If you've any questions regarding the contest; please feel free to reach out to us on ourTelegram Group here.
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