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June 2, 2020

Limit Orders

Limit orders are a highly effective way of trading on Delta Exchange

A limit order is an order to buy a specified number of futures contracts at a specified price. A limit order only ever executes at the specified price (or better). This provides a trader with full control over the quantity and price of their order. 

A limit order is useful for complete order accuracy. This is because the exact price and quantity can be determined prior to the order being executed. As a result, a limit order sacrifices speed and timeliness and risks not getting filled in a fast-moving market.

Example: Let’s say the current market price is $100. Using limit orders, you can place an order at $95, anticipating further downside. The order will not execute unless the market price hits $95, providing you with a price and quantity guarantee. With a limit order, you run the risk of the price not hitting your target and the order not executing. For a full demonstration, visit our Limit Order walkthrough. video.

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