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July 8, 2020

LEND Trading Competition – Win $2500 in LEND

Delta - Lend trading competition

WIN $2500 in LEND!


A 1 week trading competition on the LEND-BTC Perpetual contract.


Competition Duration:
  • Starts: 15th July, 10:00 am UTC
  • End: 22nd July, 10:00 am UTC


Prizes (sponsored by Aave):
  • 1st Prize: $1250
  • 2nd Prize: $750
  • 3rd Prize:  $500


Competition overview:

  • Trading competition on LEND-BTC Perpetual contract.
  • While there’s no minimum trading balance requirement, for ROI calculations starting balance will be floored at 0.02BTC. Starting with balances lower than 0.02BTC will negatively impact your ROI.
  • Winners will be ranked based on their %ROI generated from trades on LEND-BTC Perpetual contract.
  • Trading volume of at least 0.5 BTC in the LEND-BTC Perpetual contract to be eligible to win any prize.
  • No KYC needed to participate in the competition.


More competition details will be announced soon. Join our Telegram group to stay updated.

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