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Individual KYC - User Guide

Here are some important points to ensure your KYC gets done on Delta Exchange smoothly:
  1. Address entered and the proof of address should be the same
  2. All photos must be clear in quality.
  3. Always check your email for updates in case we need more information from you for the KYC.
  4. It'll take up to 2 business days after the successful submission of your KYC application.

KYC Status:

Check your KYC status by visiting this link:

KYC Guide for Individuals:

Make sure you've created your account on Delta Exchange first.

Step 1:

After you've logged in to your Delta Exchange account, head over to your My Account from the top-right menu icon.

Step 2:

Click on the Profile option from the left-sidebar menu.

Step 3:

Click on the "Verify" button placed in the Individual Verification section.

Step 4:

A popup will appear. Select the "Individual Account" option and click on the "Go" button to start your KYC verification process.

Step 5:

You can read the note and click on "I Understand" button and proceed with your KYC verification. kyc1 kyc2 kyc3 Magic Link: kyc4 You'll receive a magic link on the email address provided above. Click on "Continue Registration" to start the initiate the automated KYC process. kyc5 Ensure that you've given the browser permission to access your webcam accordingly. Make sure your information provided matches with the documents you've uploaded for a smoother and accurate verification process. If you've any questions regarding the contest; please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or on our Telegram Group here.
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