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Delta Exchange Calculator: Features to Improve Trading

The calculator on Delta Exchange provides various features that help traders understand their Liquidation Price, Profit and Loss, Trade Size, without having to do any manual calculations. These features enable traders to better utilize their capital, size their trades effectively and do better risk management. *Please note trading fees and funding payments are not included in the calculations. Currently, the calculator is available only for futures.

Navigating on the screen:

Once you are on the trading screen, the Calculator option can be selected by clicking on the calculator icon, on the extreme right of the screen, near ‘Place Order’.

1. Liquidation Price

This feature helps traders to know the liquidation price in advance before executing a trade and optimizing a risk management technique if required.
  • Click on ‘Liquidation Price’ Option
  • Select ‘Long’ or ‘Short’
  • Enter Quantity, Entry Price and chose the leverage by sliding the leverage lever.
  • The calculator then produces the price at which the trade be liquidated.
  • While calculating the Liquidation Price, the calculator also takes into consideration the already existing positions on that contract and provides the results accordingly.

2. Profit/Loss

The PnL on a trade will always be the same, irrespective of the leverage used. If a trader enters of 1 contract on BTCUSD trade at $9000 and exits at $9500, the PnL in terms of BTC will remain the same at 0.00000585 BTC at 1x leverage, 10x leverage or 100x leverage. The change is reflected in the margin used and ROE levels only. Follow the video to know more.
  • Select the ‘Profit/Loss’ Option
  • Enter the values in Quantity, Entry Price, Exit Price, and select the leverage by sliding on the leverage lever.
  • The calculator will then reflect the margin, PnL and ROE% made on the trade.

3. Trade Size

This feature helps traders to know the position size they are taking in a particular trade and helps them strategize their trade better.
  • Click on the ‘Trade Size’ option in the calculator.
  • The trader then needs to enter values in the Entry Price, Margin and Leverage for the trade.
  • The calculator then calculates the trade size.
  • Trade size also takes into consideration all open orders and positions.

4. Target Price

Target Price is a great feature for traders who do not have an Exit Price in mind but know the percentage returns they want to make on trades using leverage.
  • Click on the ‘Target Price’ option.
  • After selecting either ‘Long’ or ‘Short’ the trader needs to select the leverage, entry price and what ROE% they would like from that trade.
  • The calculator then calculates the Target Price for the trade.
These are the various features the Calculator on Delta Exchange provides. In case you wish to see any additional features please write to us at [email protected].
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