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Decode Delta Cash

  • What is Delta Cash?

    Delta Cash is a kind of a cashback that can be used to offset your trading fees. You can use this to pay 25% of the trading fee per trade (subject to if you have sufficient Delta Cash to support trading fees).

  • How can I utilise Delta Cash?

    You can utilise Delta Cash for trading in options, futures as well as spot segments. For example, if you have $25 Delta Cash with you and you’ve made a trade. The trading fees incurred for this trade turns out to be $10. You can now pay the fees in the form of sum of: $7.5 (from the trading balances you hold) and $2.5 (25% of $10 of Delta Cash you hold).

    In a way, you are getting up to 25% discount on your trading fees. However, if you only have $2 Delta Cash in the above example, you can pay the fees in the form of sum of: $8 (from the trading balances you hold) and $2 Delta Cash you hold.

  • How do I know if the fees are being paid with Delta Cash?

    You need not worry about whether the fee payment is done via Delta Cash or not. Our system automatically verifies if you have any Delta Cash in your trading account and debits the Delta Cash with a higher preference given to it than your trading balances.

    You can view all your Delta Cash transactions here.

  • How do I get Delta Cash?

    Delta Cash, in general, can be claimed through offers which are available on the platform. In some cases, we distribute Delta Cash as special offers to certain sets of traders based on their trading behaviour.

  • Is there any expiry date for Delta Cash?

    There is no predetermined expiry date but Delta Exchange reserves the right to modify or change the terms of expiry as and when required based on the offer conditions and trading behaviour of a user.

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