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25% Deposit Bonus Offer - Oct 2020

BTC Deposit Bonus Offer:
Deposit (in BTC) Bonus (in BTC)
> 0.015 25% of the deposit amount
> 0.4 0.1 ($1250 Maximum Bonus)
USDT Deposit Bonus Offer:
Deposit (in USDT) Bonus (in USDT)
> $200 25% of the deposit amount
> $5000 $1250 (Maximum Bonus)
Offer Terms:
  • This offer is applicable on the BTC or USDT deposit by any user, new and existing.
  • Get 25% Deposit Bonus; with a maximum bonus of $1250, equivalent in USDT or BTC as per your deposit.
  • The Deposit Bonus can be claimed only once per user; either in BTC or USDT.
  • For users with existing balances, net deposits (total deposits minus total withdrawals) in BTC and USDT combined from the time of offer announcement will be considered for computing the applicable bonus amount. Therefore, if you withdraw your existing balances and deposit them again, you will not be eligible for deposit bonus.
  • There are no withdrawal restrictions on your own capital, i.e. your deposit and realized profits. - However, if your account balance will fall below a certain threshold after the withdrawal, you will forfeit the bonus.
  • Withdrawal restrictions on the deposit bonus are lifted once we have recovered the bonus amount from your trading. 20% of the trading profits is used to payback the bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus will be credited automatically to your account within 48 hours of your qualifying deposit with us.
  • Duplicate accounts are not allowed.
  • If a user is discovered to have claimed bonuses from multiple accounts, all his bonuses will be forfeited.
  • Valid till 15th November 2020.
  • Delta Exchange reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion or discontinue the promotion for any or all user(s) at any time due to risk of fraud or any other factor that it deems relevant. In case of any dispute the decision of Delta Exchange shall be final and binding.


Since the minimum amount required to get the bonus is blocked;
For example: If you deposit $1000, you'll get $250 as bonus. So, $1000 + $250 (bonus) will be the blocked amount. As you keep paying the bonus back, the blocked amount will keep getting lower. Lets say you have paid back $100, your new blocked amount is $1000 + 150 = $1150.

When you have completely paid the deposit bonus back, your blocked amount is 0. Please also note that:

  • 1. You can make a withdrawal anytime by forfeiting the bonus. No restriction on withdrawing the amount that you have deposited.
  • 2. Your account balance prior to taking up the deposit bonus offer has no bearing on the blocked amount.
If you have any queries or need clarifications, please reach out to us at [email protected].
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