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Bitcoin Halving Offer

Delta Exchange Bitcoin Halving Offer Trade into Bitcoin Halving and get up to 40% Deposit Bonus! On the occasion of the upcoming Bitcoin Halving next week, we're offering up to 40% Deposit Bonus to all our traders. To avail this offer, you simply need to trade the volumes mentioned in the table below up till the halving block (630,000) is mined. Once you've met any of the Total Volume criteria, you'll then have 7 days, after the halving, to claim your Deposit Bonus Offer as per the corresponding Total Volume criteria mentioned below.

Offer Details

Total Volume ($ Million) Deposit Bonus (%) Max. Bonus (BTC) Min Net Deposit (BTC)
0.25 - 0.5 10% 0.005 0.025
0.5 - 1 15% 0.01 0.038
1 - 2 20% 0.02 0.056
2 - 5 25% 0.03 0.067
5"}">> 5 40% 0.07 0.085

Offer Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion will be active from 5th May 2020, 8 pm UTC through to the mining of the halving block (block number 630,000) on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Users can trade any contract that is listed on Delta Exchange. Both maker and taker volumes will count towards your Total Volume. For contracts where the default unit of trading volume is in BTC, the daily average rate of Delta Exchange's BTC-USD price index will be used to convert BTC denominated volume to USD denominated volume.
  • Users need to meet any of the Total Volume criteria (mentioned in the table above) within the promotion period to be eligible for claiming the Deposit Bonus Offer.
  • All qualifying users will be intimated by email. They will get 7 days after the halving to claim the Deposit Bonus Offer.
  • Net Deposit Calculation: Deposit Bonus Offer will be awarded on the first deposit made after the promotion period ends. For the purposes of computing the Net Deposit, withdrawals made between the start of the promotion period and the first deposit after the promotion period would be subtracted from the first deposit.
  • Users can deposit and withdraw only BTC to/ from their Delta Wallet. The USD value of the first deposit would be calculated using the value of Delta Exchange's BTC-USD price index at the time the deposit in credit in the user's Delta wallet.
  • Deposit bonus will be credited within 24 hours from the time of the first deposit.
  • Some of the user's funds and the deposit bonus will be subject to withdrawal restrictions until user has paid trading fees equalling 2 times the deposit bonus. After this condition is met, the deposit bonus will be freely withdrawable. Even before this condition is met, user can withdraw his funds after forfeiting the deposit bonus.
  • In case of any disputes, Delta Exchange's interpretation of the rules of the offer will be final and binding.

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