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Delta NewsNovember 1, 2018

Launching Our Bold New Brand

Jitender Tokas
Chief Business Officer
November 1, 2018
What's in this post?

    Today Delta Exchange is 10 months old. Today is also Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday. And, this makes it a great day to unveil our confident new look! We are taking a spirited step forward with a new logo, top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website and launch of a sleeker and faster trading portal.

    Our new brand identity better reflects our raison d’être, our values and our vision to be the most liquid cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the world. This marks an important milestone in our ongoing mission to accelerate the advancement of the cryptocurrency financial system.

    Our New Website

    Our new website not only tells our current and prospective customers about what we do and what we believe in, but also where we are headed. And, its beautiful to boot. Hat tip to Neil!

    Our New Trading Portal

    At Delta, we take pride in being a #TradersFirst exchange. The driving force in all the key decisions for our identity system was trader friendliness. Be it our colours or typography, everything has been selected keeping a trader in mind. In this launch, beyond the obvious UI changes, we have made several under-the-hood enhancements that will make your trading faster and smoother.

    Today’s launch has energised our team. We are excited to be able to offer a better experience to our customers and we hope that our new brand will inspire you to support us in our journey.

    Originally published here on our Medium blog.

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