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May 14, 2018
Introducing Delta Exchange: Marketplace for Cryptocurrency Derivatives
Jitender TokasChief Business Officer

Delta Exchange is an exchange for trading of Futures and Options on Cryptocurrencies.

Derivatives are the next step in evolution of Cryptocurrencies as a bona-fide asset class. At Delta Exchange, it is our mission to accelerate this evolution and offer deep and liquid derivative markets to Crypto investors across the globe.

As things stand today, spot trading dominates crytpo trading. And, with the exception of a few, most exchanges only support spot trading, i.e. investors can trade cryptos using other fiat currencies or other cryptos.

Delta Exchange is however markedly different from the current generation of exchanges:

  • You can go both long or short: On Delta Exchange, you can play both rising and falling markets. So whether cryptos are going to the moon or crashing to the ground, you have a chance to make positive returns.
  • You get leverage on each trade: The derivative contracts that trade on Delta have built in leverage (of upto 20x). So, you can trade more with less.
  • You only need bitcoins to trade: All our contracts are settled in Bitcoin. This means that you can get exposure to various cryptocurrencies while holding only Bitcoins.

Our Testnet is live and has Bitcoin-USD and Ether-Bitcoin Futures trading on it. Do check it out and don’t hesitate in reaching out to us should you have any feedback/ comments.

We will be launching trading competitions with attractive prize money soon. Stay tuned!

Originally published here on our Medium blog.

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