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Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to have embarked on the journey of building the World’s most liquid cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.


  • What is auto deleveraging (ADL)?

    Auto deleveraging (ADL) is triggered when the liquidation engine is unable to close a position in liquidation in the market without breaching the bankruptcy price of the position. In ADL, the position is closed against traders on the opposite side according to leverage and profit priority.

  • How I can avoid getting liquidated?

    To avoid getting liquidated, please ensure that the Remaining Margin (Initial Margin + Unrealised Loss) is always greater than the Maintenance Margin.

  • How do liquidations on Delta Exchange work?

    A position goes into liquidation when the margin assigned to it falls below maintenance margin. In such a situation, the liquidation engine attempts to close the position in the market, while ensuring that the exit price does not breach the bankruptcy price ( the price at which the assigned margin becomes zero). If the liquidation engine is unable to close the position, auto deleveraging is triggered.