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Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to have embarked on the journey of building the World’s most liquid cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.


  • What is Maintenance Margin?

    Maintenance Margin is the minimum amount of margin required to keep a position open.  For any open position, when the Remaining Margin (Initial Margin + Unrealised loss) falls below the Maintenance Margin, liquidation process is triggered.

  • What is Initial Margin?

    Margin is the collateral that you need to post when entering into a leveraged derivatives contract. Initial Margin is the amount required to enter into a new position. Initial Margin is dependent on the leverage offered in the derivatives contract.

  • How much leverage can I get on Delta Exchange?

    All Futures contracts on Delta Exchange have built-in leverage. While the allowed leverage can vary from contact to contract, currently, the maximum leverage across all contracts is currently 100x.