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Delta Exchange - Interest Rate Swaps
Delta News
June 4, 2020

Delta Exchange Launches Interest Rate Swaps

Neeraj Thakur

Delta Exchange is happy to announce the launch of Interest Rate Swap on BitMEX Perpetual Swaps with up to 50x leverage. Soon to be followed by DeFi rates, flash rates on Bitfinex, and more, thereby making it first centralized exchange to offer interest rates swaps on any interest rates in the crypto ecosystem.


Try Interest Rate Swaps on the Testnet here. Will be available on the main-net on 7th June.


An Interest Rate Swap (IRS) is a forward contract in which one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another based on a specified principal amount. IRS will help traders and institutions hedge their exposure to variable interest rates. The product will also allow traders to speculate on the rates themselves, “thereby creating liquidity and better price discovery of the interest rates.”


Delta also plans to offer interest rate swaps on other variable-rates in the crypto ecosystem such as lending rates on Compound Finance for USDC, DAI, ETH etc. Also, its planning to offer this product on the stability fee on DAI.


Delta Exchange takes security and safekeep of its customer funds very seriously and uses BitGo, which is best in class custodians for safety of funds. All funds are protected using multi-signature wallets and all withdrawals are manually reviewed and validated for safety purposes.

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