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Delta NewsMay 27, 2020

Delta Exchange Launches Interest-Bearing Accounts

Neeraj Thakur
May 27, 2020
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    Delta Exchange (, a digital asset derivatives exchange, announced today the launch of Interest-Bearing Accounts. Commencing on May 25h, 2020 Delta Exchange will offer interest to its users on the balances that they hold in their accounts. Users can earn up to 10% in interest.

    Interest-bearing accounts are one of the most utilized accounts in traditional markets and it is common for brokers and custodians to pay interest on funds held by customers in a trading account. The introduction of interest-bearing accounts to exchanges and moreover derivative exchanges, combines two common traditional market practices, encouraging the adoption of the next wave of cryptocurrency users.

    Delta Exchange aims to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets by introducing Interest-Bearing accounts that provide interest on the average balance of accounts, and credits customer accounts on a daily basis. Unlike competitors, who offer interest-earning accounts, in which users must transfer crypto to a savings account to earn interest, and can not be used for trading, Delta allows users to earn interest on any balance in the user’s accounts.

    Delta Exchange has been a market leader in bringing innovation to the crypto derivatives space, be it futures on smaller altcoins, MOVE contracts on Ethereum, or Stablecoin settled futures,” said Pankaj Balani, CEO of Delta Exchange. “Interest-bearing accounts are a step in that same direction of development, and we expect the industry to follow suit.”

    For more information on Interest-Bearing Accounts users can visit the Delta Exchange Blog at

    Risk warning: Trading derivatives contracts can be a highly risky endeavor. Although trading can yield significant profits, in the cases of extreme price movement and volatility, Delta Exchange reserves the right to liquidate margin balances.

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