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Delta NewsMay 27, 2020

Delta Exchange Launches Interest Bearing Accounts

Neeraj Thakur
May 27, 2020
What's in this post?

    Delta Exchange is extremely stoked to launch Interest Bearing Accounts, offering up to 10% per annum in interest to its customers. No lock-up of any kind required and absolutely hassle free!

    Funds sitting in Delta account will automatically start to earn interest thereby allowing traders to easily earn an interest income on funds that are otherwise just lying idle in their Delta wallets. The average balance of a trader’s accounts are tracked and interest is credited on a daily basis making it a great value add to the overall product experience.

    Delta Exchange takes security and safekeep of its customer funds very seriously and uses BitGo, which is best in class custodians for safety of funds. All funds are protected using multi-signature wallets and all withdrawals are manually reviewed and validated for safety purposes.

    More details to be announced very soon.

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