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Delta NewsMay 26, 2020

Delta Exchange Announces New Injection of Funding From Cryptoasset Investor and Blockchain Research and Advisory Firm CoinFund

Neeraj Thakur
May 26, 2020
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    Delta Exchange (, a digital asset derivatives exchange, announced today a new injection of funding from blockchain investor, research and advisory firm, CoinFund. This new investment will provide Delta Exchange with strategic resources and insight to scale while giving Coinfund a presence in India for the first time.

    Delta Exchange is a premier cryptocurrency derivatives exchange dedicated to building a liquid and trusted platform that can ably serve both retail and institutional traders. A pioneer in the space of Crypto Derivatives, Delta Exchange operates the largest markets for Altcoin futures.

    “The market opportunity in India is big! The combination of the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate RBI’s ban on crypto, increasing local interest and the sharp price rise in Bitcoin despite the crisis have primed the market for imminent explosive growth” said Alex Felix, Managing Partner at CoinFund. “Delta Exchange has proven itself as a leader in the derivatives market. Its focus on understanding the regional nuances and developing strong relationships within the country, along with founder Pankaj Balani’s background from traditional finance and early tech entrepreneurship, make it the perfect first investment in India.”

    CoinFund has been actively investing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Alex Felix, managing partner, has committed to 100 investments, both personal and corporate, within blockchain, crypto, and fintech space. Some recent investments include names such as Coinlist, Dapper Labs, Livepeer etc.

    Since its launch in 2018, Delta Exchange has hit major milestones including launching futures on Bitcoin and 30+ cryptos, offering options on Bitcoin and Ethereum, bringing stablecoin settled futures etc. The market has also reacted positively to the company’s offering. Its recently launched Bitcoin MOVE contracts, which are options contracts that allow traders to bet on Bitcoin price volatility, have seen over 25% growth month on month. Similarly, the company has received huge traction with its BTCUSDT perpetual swaps which have become the highest volume mover for the platform in less than 2 months from launch. Delta Exchange also offers futures on a bunch of coins which are not available for leveraged trading on other exchanges.

    Pankaj Balani, the co-founder and CEO of Delta Exchange said, “the reason we are able to offer derivatives on so many coins is because our risk management engine is super fast and can handle high price volatility. We have built technology to specifically solve for the complex case of Crypto Derivatives. Despite the high volatility that markets exhibited in the recent months, we have not had any incidence where our systems have not been able to liquidate positions in time. This is a huge testament to how robust our technology is. We have built trading and risk management systems to be able to offer derivatives on 100+ coins seamlessly. This gives us a huge advantage over other crypto derivatives exchanges.”

    He also added, “We are dedicated to providing clients with a world-class derivatives trading infrastructure and liquid markets.”

    Detailed information about products offered on Delta Exchange is available on the company’s website. For information on upcoming launches and new product offerings, visit the Delta Exchange Blog at

    This will be the first investment in the Indian market made by Coinfund, a consistent investor in blockchain projects. It was prompted by India’s pulse on innovation paired with the competitive edge and long term vision of the crypto industry presented by Delta Exchange. A major differentiator that resulted in investment in Delta Exchange was the massive pool of potential customers and the home advantage that the company enjoys with them.

    “Derivatives are a huge market in India. Indian audiences understand these products. This coupled with increasing customer adoption on the cryptocurrency side opens up huge markets and opportunity,” said Alex Felix, Managing Partner at CoinFund. “The current macro-economic environment and the trend of money supply inflation has created a rush towards Bitcoin. These conditions are perfect catalysts and are opening up this huge market opportunity.

    For more information on CoinFund investments, interested parties can visit the Coinfudn blog at

    About Delta Exchange

    Delta Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. The company facilitates trading of futures contracts on Bitcoin along with 30 other Altcoins and Options contracts on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Delta Exchange runs one of the biggest markets for Altcoin Derivatives globally and has been a pioneer in bringing innovation to the crypto derivatives space. The company was the first to offer stablecoin settled futures contracts, list futures on Altcoins in large scale and is also making a foray in crypto interest rate derivatives. Delta Exchange’s mission is to provide robust trading infrastructure and liquid markets for derivatives on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    About CoinFund

    CoinFund is an investment firm founded in 2015 and based in Brooklyn, New York. Coinfund invests in venture and liquid opportunities within the blockchain sector with a focus on digital assets, decentralization technologies, and their key enabling infrastructure.

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