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Delta NewsAugust 16, 2018

Delta: 3..2..1 … Here We Go!

Jitender Tokas
Chief Business Officer
August 16, 2018
What's in this post?

    Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come” — Victor Hugo

    We believe cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency derivatives are such an idea. And, it is this belief that drove us to devote the last 6 months to build Delta Exchange: the most advanced crypto derivatives exchange.

    Today marks the culmination of this effort as we open Delta to traders globally!

    Here are the key details:

    • Products: We have started with a BTC-USD Futures contract that offers upto 20x leverage, is quoted in USD and is settled in BTC. See full contract specifications here.
    • Trading fees: 0% for the rest of August. Our regular trading commissions are 7 bps, with Makers getting a rebate of 10 bps.
    • Liquidity: We have partnered with multiple market makers to ensure that there’s liquidity on the exchange from the get go.
    • Security: We have built/ deployed Enterprise-grade security to ensure your funds stay safe.

    And, here’s what you can look forward to in the coming days:

    • More trading competitions
    • Exciting new products, including Perpetual Swap contracts
    • Host of awesome trading tools

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” — Lao Tzu

    The road ahead for Delta is filled with amazing possibilities. We are excited to have embarked on the journey of building the World’s most liquid cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

    Originally published here on our Medium blog.

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