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Has a computer with price charts and analysis on it and ripple / xrp branded coins all around
Delta News
September 23, 2018

Creating Ripple(s) in the Cryptoverse

Jitender TokasChief Business Officer

XRP has been on a tear lately, first doubling in a 24 hour period on 21–22nd Sep and then settling in the $0.55–60 range. Expectedly this sharp move has resulted in an intense interest in XRP trading.

The Delta community too wanted to participate in this action. Being a traders’ first exchange, we acted quickly and worked round the clock to launch XRP Futures, with ample liquidity.

I am happy to announce that now you can trade XRP Futures contract with up to 20x leverage on Delta. The contract is quoted and settled in BTC and will expire on 28th Dec.. Full contract specs are available here. Happy trading!

Stablecoin-settled ripple futures

Update (25th January, 2019)

The bitcoin settled ripple futures contract has been replaced by a stablecoin-settled ripple contract. The new XRP contract is quoted in USD (previously BTC), but is margined and settled in USDC. Since the quoting currency is different from the margining & settlement currency, the new XRP futures is a quanto futures. Please check out our blog post announcing the launch of stablecoin-settled futures on BTC, ETH and XRP to understand the benefits of providing settlement in a stablecoin.


Originally published here in our Medium blog.

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